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Martin Kucej kucej at
Wed Jul 23 08:35:14 EST 2003

Dear colleagues: brings to webmasters bright new feature,
an exchange of textual ads. You may have already noticed
that Biobanner offers free advertising opportunity to
NON-COMMERCIAL Life Science websites. For more than two
years, Biobanner helps to generate traffic to bioscience
websites efficiently, because the service is specialized.
It is based on the idea that visitors of similar websites
have related interests.

Thus far, you had a possibility to advertise with standard
graphic banners. Now, comes with an exchange
of textual ads. If you are not experienced with graphics
software or you are not skilled in graphic design, textual
advertisements may be more suitable for you. All you have
to do is to create a catchy slogan and the exchange service
will take care of everything. Those of you, which have been
afraid to place large banners at your web site, may
appreciate smaller size of textual ads (125x125 pixels) and
more control over the look of the ads that appear at your

If you would like to use Biobanner advertising service,

Martin Kucej
BioBanner administrator
Department of Biochemistry
Comenius University
Mlynska dolina CH-1
Bratislava 84215
Slovak Republic

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