Proteomics and Bioethics: The Future of the Human Genome

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I enclose details of our Proteomics and Bioethics Report.

As genetic testing becomes more mainstream, the potential for genetic discrimination by government, insurers, employers, schools, banks, and others is clearly on the horizon.

Companies are racing to make sense, and commercial profits, from the mass of information pouring out of the Human Genome Project. 

With each new discovery, hope is given to those currently suffering from diseases that have previously been untreatable. 

As minds race to the not-so-distant future, we see a lengthy list of ethical issues previously unfathomable to society including clones, eugenics, and designer babies. 

Proteomics and Bioethics focuses on the intriguing next steps following the sequencing of the human genome. 

Significant attention is given to the current plights of many technologies in practice for both genomics and proteomics including unique insight into strategies and technologies at leading companies in the industry. 

In addition, this Briefing dives into the ethical, legal, and societal concerns stemming from the incredible scientific strides and the potential future outcomes.

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Unique Benefits of this Briefing:

- Uncover the current technologies hard at work within genomics and proteomics, with the ultimate goal of making sense of the functions of the sequenced gene.

- Keep tabs on the sequencing of the Human Genome with discussions on sequencing technologies currently under development and the commercial opportunities awaiting the new discoveries.

- Discover the key companies developing commercially viable products as a result of the past years' discoveries.

- Understand the political ramifications with discussions on genetic privacy and discrimination - including current federal and state policies on these issues.

- Dig into bioethics as the author highlights the current ethical, legal, and societal concerns surrounding gene testing, clones, stems cells and more.
Key technologies covered include:

- DNA Microarrays
- Protein Microarrays
- Proteomics
- Transcriptomics
- Pharmacogenomics
- Structural Proteomics
- Structural Genomics - In Silico Biology
- Comparative Genomics
- Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs)
- Microfluidics
- Bioinformatics
Impending Bioethics Debates: As the use of genetic information becomes more commonplace in our society, a number of issues arise that must be addressed - 

Will there be genetic discrimination from insurers, or employers rendering somebody uninsurable or unemployable?

What is the individual's psychological impact and possible stigmatization due to the knowledge of their genetic make up? 

Where is the line between medical treatment and enhancement?

What social consequences would genetic diagnoses of such traits as intelligence, criminality, or homosexuality have on society?

Will the use of stem cells evolve to the point of creating "designer"  babies?

Will we begin germ line gene therapy, tampering with a sperm or egg, potentially affecting all of the progeny?
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Proteomics and Bioethics: The Future of the Human Genome
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