2 Postdoctoral Positions

Manzoor Bhat manzoor_bhat at med.unc.edu
Sun Jun 1 10:37:12 EST 2003


Two Postdoctoral positions are immediately available for highly 
motivated individuals to study the molecular organization and function 
of axon-glial interactions in myelinated axons. A mouse model has been 
generated to study the consequences of loss of axoglial septate 
junctions on domain organization and reciprocal signal transduction at 
the axon-glial interface. Candidates who work in a collaborative 
atmosphere and have a strong background in any of the areas of 
biochemistry, molecular biology, Drosophila or mammalian genetics, or 
cell culture are encouraged to apply. Potential applicants are 
referred to the following relevant publications: Cell 87:1059-1068, 
1996; TINS 10:444-449, 1998; Neuron 30:369-383, 2001. Please submit a 
letter stating your career goals, curriculum vitae with past research 
experience, and detailed contact information for three references to 
the following address. Do not submit any letters of reference with 
your application. Send to: 
Manzoor Bhat, Ph.D. 
Neurosciences Research Center 
Department of Cell and Molecular Physiology 
University of North Carolina School of Medicine 
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7545 
Telephone: 919-966-1018 
FAX: 919-843-2777 
E-mail: manzoorb at med.unc.edu 


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