collapsed embryos for injections

Christin Bland cbland at
Mon Jun 30 18:44:53 EST 2003


I've been doing embryo injections periodically for close to two years, and
I've just started having a new problem.  Essentially, all (>99%) of the eggs
that I line up to inject collapse completely and appear to have nothing in

I inject through the chorion of eggs collected on grape juice agar plates.
I collect the eggs <30 min., line them up on a coverslip in groups of 5
under a dissecting scope, move to the upright injection scope and submerge
them in ethanol before injecting.  I've had great success with this
technique, and I'm using the same fly stock, grape juice plate recipe, fly
cages, scopes, injection room/incubators, yeast, etc.  I cannot think of
what this problem could be, and I've tried replacing virtually everything.

has anyone else seen this problem, or does anyone have any ideas about what
it is?  I thought at first they were unfertilized eggs, but they fly group
is close to a week old now.

Thank you,
Christin Bland


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