drivers & responders in muscle tissue

sandra-schulze at sandra-schulze at
Wed Nov 12 13:02:22 EST 2003

Hi there Drosophila community!

I have three questions:

First of all, I'd like to find GAL4 drivers that are active in adult 
structures - especially muscle tissue (indirect flight muscle for instance).

Secondly I'd like to knock out specific muscle cells/blocks in either larvae or 
adults, in order to see if a specific muscle destroyer phenocopies mutants I am 
testing.  An apoptosis promoter might do the trick, and some are available from 
Bloomington, but I have heard/read somewhere that not all apoptosis promoters 
are equivalent-some seem to have to be used in combination to have any effect, 
and some effects are not cell autonomous.  Clearly i am not an apoptosis 

Thirdly i have read/heard/imagined that there are muscle drivers that drive in  
selected subsets of muscles. This seems like a wonderful system, with an in-
built control. 

If anyone out there can provide me with any information on the above, I'd be 
most grateful. 

Many Thanks, 

Sandra Schulze


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