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Sat Sep 13 19:44:31 EST 2003

Post-Doctoral Position at Weill Medical College of

Cornell University in New York City

A position is available for post-doctoral scientists to investigate the cell 
biology of salivary gland tube formation in developing Drosophila embryos.  
The project involves (1) mapping of EMS mutations generated by a recent 
mutagenesis screen which give rise to interesting defects in glandular tube 
formation, (2) identification of corresponding wild-type genes and (3) 
characterization of the mutant phenotypes by light and electron microscopy.

Candidates should have experience in molecular and/or cell biology, and 
preferably in fly genetics.  Although a minimum of two years of funding is 
available for this position, candidates are encouraged to acquire their own 
source of funding.  Cornell University Weill Medical College is located in 
one of the liveliest neighborhoods of Manhattan where post-doctoral fellows 
can receive subsidized university housing.  Close proximity of the medical 
college to neighboring Rockefeller University and Memorial Sloan-Kettering 
Cancer Center provides outstanding opportunities for scientific education 
and collaborations.

Please submit a letter with your research interests and career objectives, 
your curriculum vitae, and three reference letters to: Dr. Monn Myat, 
Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, Weill Medical College of 
Cornell University, 1300 York Avenue, New York, NY 10021. E-mail: 
mcube21 at

Myat M.M. and Andrew, D.J. (2002) Epithelial tube morphology is determined 
by the polarized growth and delivery of apical membrane.  Cell 111:879-91.

Myat M.M. and Andrew, D.J. (2000) Fork head prevents apoptosis and promotes 
cell shape change during formation of the Drosophila salivary glands. 
Development 127:4217-26.

Myat M.M. and Andrew, D.J. (2000) Organ shape in the Drosophila salivary 
gland is controlled by regulated, sequential internalization of the 
primordia. Development 127:679-91.

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