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Mon Sep 29 15:40:18 EST 2003

Postdoctoral Position Available
Zebrafish Developmental Genetics

The Devoto and Karlstrom Labs are looking for a postdoctoral fellow 
to work on zebrafish developmental genetics. The two labs study 
muscle (Devoto) and neural (Karlstrom) development, with recent work 
elucidating how hedgehog signaling regulates muscle fiber type 
differentiation and ventral forebrain patterning, respectively. Our 
two labs are now embarking on a collaborative genetic screen to 
identify genes involved in Hedgehog signaling.

The Labs:
The Devoto lab ( works on the 
development of muscle cell identity and muscle growth in zebrafish. 
We have found that Hedgehog signaling regulates muscle cell identity 
in the early embryo.  The Devoto lab is at Wesleyan University, in 
Middletown, Connecticut.  The Wesleyan Biology department provides a 
vibrant and dynamic environment for research and learning.  The 
department is particularly strong in Developmental Biology, Cell 
Biology, Genetics, and Neurobiology. 

The Karlstrom lab 
( studies 
neural patterning and axon guidance in zebrafish.  We have found that 
Hedgehog signaling is critical for the patterning of the ventral 
forebrain and pituitary, and for the establishment of neural 
connections between the eye and brain.  The Karlstrom lab is at the 
University of Massachusetts in Amherst.  The UMass Biology department 
provides a rich training environment and has an interactive group of 
scientists studying neural development in several model organisms. 
Graduate programs in Neuroscience and Behavior 
( and Molecular and Cellular Biology 
( provide resources in a wide array of 
research approaches.

Please contact either of us by email, snail mail, or telephone.

Stephen H. Devoto, Department of Biology, and Neuroscience and 
Behavior Program, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT  06459
sdevoto at
phone: 860-685-3461
FAX: 860-685-3279

Rolf Karlstrom, Department of Biology, University of Massachusetts, 
Amherst, MA, 01003.
karlstrom at
phone 413-577-3448
FAX 413-545-3243
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