gynandromorphic flies

Olaf Vef ovef at
Fri Apr 23 18:00:21 EST 2004

In my last email to the genotype was not identifiable, therefore I 
send the request again.

Dear drosophilists,

for many years I was able to show students gynander in my genetic course. 
Unfortunately the stock I used died. It had the following genotype:

In(1)dl-49 y w lz / R(1)w[cV]

male (steril)
In(1)dl-49 y w lz /  Y[y+]

R(1)w[cV] / Y[y+]

My question to you is now, has anybody of you a batch of this stock or may 
be an other stock producing gynandromorphic (mosaics) flies (heat shock 
induced for example)?

It would be great if somebody could send me such a stock or could tell me 
who I can ask for it.

Thank you very much in advance,


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