Recently-domesticated wild populations

Jean-Claude Walser jcwalser at
Fri Apr 23 18:02:05 EST 2004

Dear bionet members,

As part of an investigation of naturally-occurring transposition into 
heat-shock genes, we are interested in screening Drosophila 
melanogaster populations recently collected from the wild.  We hope 
to examine a world-wide sample of populations collected from diverse 
environments.  If you have  a recently (2000 or later) collected 
population of reasonable size that you'd be willing to share, please 
get in touch.  Some regions are already represented in our 
collection, but we would be particularly interested in populations 
from the following regions:

	USA north of Arizona and west of the the Mississippi River
	Europe outside of France
	Asia outside of India
	Pacific Oceania

We are looking forward to hear from you.

Kindest regards,



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