finding Exelixis stocks?

Chris Jones cjones at
Mon May 3 09:23:47 EST 2004

Okay, here's what I've figured out about the listing provided as 
supplement 4 of Thibault et al. on the _Nature Genetics_ website (it was 
well-organized, but I wish there'd been a little more info at the top of 
the thing -- it's nearly 3800 pages long!)

The lines are organized into four sections, by element type: XP, PB, RB, 
and WH.

Within each section, they're organized by chromosome arm: 4, then 2R, 
3R, 2L, X, and 3L.

Finally, within each of these arm-subsections, they're in order by 
position, with the insertion site given in genome position.

Hope this is useful to others.

Chris Jones

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