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Adrian Moore adrianm at
Thu Nov 4 08:47:54 EST 2004

Postdoctoral positions are presently available studying neuron development 
and function with an emphasis on the control of dendrite arbor morphology. 
Our primary model is the peripheral sensory nervous system of Drosophila 
melanogaster. Projects will involve Drosophila genetics, molecular biology 
and microscopy. Applicants must be highly motivated and enthusiastic and 
are required to have (or be close to obtaining) a graduate degree in 
biological or medical sciences. The scientific language of the laboratory 
is English and reasonable English language skills are required; knowledge 
of Japanese is not necessary.

The lab is situated in the RIKEN Brain Science Institute 
( in Wako City close to central Tokyo. This 
institute offers a dynamic research environment with excellent facilities 
and a multinational environment. Salary for these positions will be 
according to the RIKEN pay scale adjusted dependent on experience. 
Contracts are annually renewable following a performance review for up to 
five years. Applicants should send a curriculum vitae including publication 
list, a description of skills and experience (approximately 500 words), and 
contact details (including telephone and email) of three references.

Address for formal applications or informal enquiries:

Dr Adrian Moore,

Unit Leader,
Molecular Neuropathology Group,
RIKEN Brain Science Institute,
2-1 HirosawaWako City, Saitama
351-198 JAPAN
email: <mailto:adrianm at>adrianm at

Selected References:

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sensory organs of Drosophila hamlet mutants by a cousin-cousin cell-type 
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Grueber W.B., Ye B., Moore A.W., Jan L.Y. and Jan Y.N., (2003)
Dendrites of Distinct Classes of Drosophila Sensory Neurons Show Different 
Capacities for Homotypic Repulsion.
Current Biology 13: 618-626

Moore A.W., Jan L.Y., Jan Y.N. (2002)
hamlet, a binary genetic switch between single- and multiple- dendrite 
neuron morphology.
Science 297: 1355-1358


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