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One postdoctoral fellowship is presently available to study cell 
signalling and cell cycle control during Drosophila organogenesis. Our 
primary foci of interests are on Rhomboid-protease family release of 
signals and peripheral sensory organ organogenesis, respectively. We 
are looking for applicants with previous training in protein 
biochemistry and preferably also knowledge in fly biology, and 
molecular genetics.

Our lab consists of two PIs and five PhD students, and is a part of 
Södertörns högskola, a new university situated 20 kms south of the 
Stockholm city centre. Communications are excellent. The university has 
a strong focus on developmental biology, e.g.we have two C.elegans labs 
and one zebrafish lab as our corridor neighbours. The south branch of 
Karolinska institutet is also present on the campus, providing for 
further collaborations and excellent seminar series.

The fellowship is open to start immediately and runs for one year after 
the starting date, with the possibility for a one-year extension. A 
later starting date is also possible.

Applications should contain a CV, with a description of the applicant's 
research history. A paper copy letter of reference, which should be 
sent separately, is also required.

For information and formal applications, contact:

Per Kylsten
Södertörns högskola
141 89 Huddinge
ph. +46 (0)8 6437908

To email - remove the underscore and the four character before the "at" 

email: per.kylsten_4Hq4 at

Selected references:

M. Gallio, G. Sturgill, P. Rather, P. Kylsten. (2002) "A conserved 
mechanism for extracellular signalling in eucaryotes and procaryotes"  
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 99 (19):12208-12213.

M. Gallio, C. Englund, P. Kylsten, C.  Samakovlis. (2004) "Rhomboid-3 
orchestrates Slit-independent repulsion of tracheal branches at the CNS 
midline" Development, 131 (15):3605-3614


Per Kylsten
Developmental biology
Södertörns högskola
141 89 Huddinge, Sweden
Ph: +46 8 6084741
fax: +46 8 6084510
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