[Drosophila] A public thank you

Thom Kaufman kaufman at bio.indiana.edu
Mon Jun 20 12:15:33 EST 2005

Dear Drosophila Colleagues,

As most of you know, the Drosophila Stock Center at Indiana  
University has been growing dramatically over the last few years.   
Our holdings now approach the 20,000 mark and will likely grow  
further over the next few years.  Moreover, orders for stocks have  
also continued to increase, now averaging 3,200 stocks per week.   
While this is indicative of a large, vibrant and productive research  
community; these increases have also placed a heavy burden on the  
facilities here in Bloomington.  This is most especially the case for  
our media kitchen, which is only just able to hold its own against a  
burgeoning load.  We have for some time known that we needed to  
expand the kitchen facilities but the space crunch in our department  
and the current funding climate presented significant barriers to  
expansion. Half of the problem was solved this spring when the  
Department of Biology’s Dr. Roger Innis, Associate Chair, and Dr.  
Elizabeth Raff, Chair, identified an ideal space in our building and  
committed it to a new Drosophila kitchen. Finding the funds to  
renovate this space remained a problem and it was suggested by our  
advisory board that we seek help from the Howard Hughes Medical  
Institute. We are delighted to inform you that the HHMI has agreed to  
fund the expansion of the Bloomington media kitchen and the  
conversion of the old kitchen to a new fly room.  It is our hope to  
begin construction on the new facilities in the next few months. More  
importantly, the expansion should allow us to cover our food and  
stock storage needs for the foreseeable future and therefore better  
serve the Drosophila research community.

This announcement is intended as a public thanks to both Indiana  
University’s Department of Biology and the HHMI.  Our HHMI contact  
person was Dr. David Clayton and we want to thank him particularly  
for his efforts on our behalf. We must also note that our request for  
funding was wholeheartedly supported by the HHMI Investigators who  
work with Drosophila and their input and support was instrumental in  
obtaining the funding for this project.  Their efforts and those of  
the HHMI administration in funding this expansion will have far  
reaching affects on the research activities of our entire community  
both in the US and abroad.  We as a community owe them a great deal  
and if given the chance everyone who uses the stock center should  
thank them personally.

Thom Kaufman
Kathy Matthews
Kevin Cook
The staff of the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center

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