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In memoriam: Peter Kolodziej (1963-2005)
Dr. Peter Alexander Kolodziej, a colleague and friend of many in the
Drosophila research community, died unexpectedly at his home in Nashville,
TN, on Thursday, March 3, 2005, after a brief illness.
The Department of Cell & Developmental Biology and the Program in
Developmental Biology of Vanderbilt University Medical Center, where Peter
was a faculty member since 1996, have established a "Kolodziej Family Fund"
to provide for the immediate and long-term needs of Peter's wife Carol and
their two young sons, Colin (age 7) and Quinn (age 2).  Donations made out
to the fund as well as messages of condolence may be forwarded to the
following address:
  Kolodziej Family Fund
  Vanderbilt University Medical Center
  Department of Cell & Developmental Biology
  U-3209 MRB-III
  Nashville, TN 37232-8240
For information about obtaining fly stocks or other biological reagents from
the Kolodziej lab, please forward all requests to the following address:
  Daniela Drummond-Barbosa, Ph.D.
  Vanderbilt University Medical Center
  Department of Cell & Developmental Biology
  4120B MRB-III
  Nashville, TN 37232-8240
  e-mail: daniela.drummond-barbosa at
 Sincerely, Laurie

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