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Thom Kaufman kaufman at indiana.edu
Thu Oct 6 17:21:54 EST 2005

First Announcement for:

EMBO Conference
The Fifteenth International Workshop on the
Kolymbari, Crete (Greece)
June 18-23, 2006

The objective of the workshop, which is supported by EMBO, is to  
discuss recent findings on gene organization and expression, early  
development, pattern formation, developmental neurobiology and the  
evolution of Drosophila. Approximately 80 participants will be  
selected from the applications, by a majority vote of the organizing  
committee.  The participants are all expected to contribute to the  
subject coverage. Applications should include a short summary of  
research interests and a list of five recent, relevant publications  
to facilitate the selection process.  The deadline for receipt of  
applications is January 6, 2006.  For logistical purposes the  
organizing committee will adhere strictly to this deadline.  Please  
note that attendance at the meeting is strictly limited to the  
individual accepted.  A registration fee of 500.00 Euro (or US $650)  
must be remitted upon acceptance.  Local expenses in Crete will be  
covered.  Participants are expected to finance their travel to  
Crete.  However, a small number of grants-in-aid for partial travel  
support may become available. Applications from junior investigators  
will be considered favorably, and at least 15% of the available  
positions will be allocated to investigators who have recently  
established their labs or who have not previously attended the  
meeting. The meeting lasts one week with morning (9:00-13:00am) and  
evening sessions (17:00-21:00pm).  All accepted participants are  
expected to remain for the entire meeting.

The Organizing Committee

U. Banerjee, A. Bejsovec, S. Bray, C. Delidakis, A. Ephrussi,  
A.Giangrande, T. Kaufman, R. Lehmann, M. Leptin, S.Parkhurst, N.  
Perrimon, P. Rørth, R. Saint, B. Shilo, J-P. Vincent.    Ex-Officio:   
S. Artavanis-Tsakonas

For more information and access to an application form please go to:


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