[Drosophila] fruit fly question about adh gene

Henri Weeks hweeks at chehalis.k12.wa.us
Mon Jan 9 22:59:20 EST 2006

I am a high school teacher teaching molecular genetics.  I have a 2nd year
student who is doing research on the amount transcription of the ADH (alcohol
dehydrogenase) gene in D. melanogaster.  She is growing variuos cultures and
taking the larvae from variuous stages of development (1-5 days), extracting
the RNA using Qiagen RNAeasy kit, performing a iScript cDNA synthesis kit from
BioRad.  She is then going to perform RTpcr to amplify the ADH from the cDNA
produced earlier.  
She found a mRNA sequence on NCBI with the accession number X98338, Region
125...895.  She has designed primers from this sequence.  We want to verify
that this is the correct sequence for ADH because there seems to be many ADH
variants and we found various forms of the ADH (I, II and III).  Can anybody
help us with this?

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