[Drosophila] commercial service providing Northern blot hybridization

Vett Lloyd vlloyd at mta.ca
Sun Jul 16 16:52:53 EST 2006


Can anyone recommend a commercial service which would be able to hybridize a
Northern blot with a radiolabeled probe? My department has adopted a policy of
no isotope usage and non-radioactive detection methods don't seem to work for
very rare messages, such as the one in which we are interested (and which,
inconveniently, is also non-poly adenylated so can't be enriched by oligo dT
columns). We could supply the filter with RNA and the probes (unlabeled). Any
advice or suggestions happily received. 

Thanks in advance,

Vett Lloyd

Dr. Vett Lloyd
Dept. Biology
Mt. Allison University

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