[bio.dros] [Drosophila] In situ hybridization

Yuji Kageyama kageyama at bs.naist.jp
Thu Jun 8 22:35:02 EST 2006


Try AmpliScribe T7/T3-Flash Transcription Kit (Epicentre Biotech.) with
DIG labeling mix (Roche).

The original instruction of AmpliScribe kit results in too much RNA so that
you may want to scale down to 1/2 - 1/5.


At 4:00 PM +0200 06.6.8, Serena Duchi wrote:
>I've serious problems with in situ hybridization 'cause my RNA probe isn't good labeled. To label the probe I use the Roche's kit SP6/T7 DIG RNA Labeling kit and my probe is 341 bases.
>Does anyone have some suggestions to improve the efficiency of labeling and also in situ protocol???
>Thank's a lot in advance
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