[Drosophila] Postdoc with Jaga Giebultowicz at Oregon State U.

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Wed Jun 28 15:43:42 EST 2006

Circadian Rhythms in Drosophila
An NIH funded postdoctoral position is available to study the 
molecular bases and physiological significance of circadian rhythms. 
Microarray studies suggested that the expression of many genes show 
daily rhythmic pattern; however, the significance of these rhythms is 
not clear. Our long-term goal is to understand the mechanism by which 
clock genes control downstream genes and the roles of rhythmic gene 
expression in cellular physiology.
Postdoctoral fellow will investigate interactions of clock proteins 
encoded by period and timeless genes with other cellular proteins in 
different organs to understand the roles of clock proteins in 
reproduction, metabolism, stress resistance, and aging. The project 
involves isolating protein complexes using flies transformed with 
tagged PER or TIM proteins, identification of interacting proteins by 
mass spectrometry and elucidation of their roles by genetic and 
molecular experiments.
Candidates should have background in biochemistry and molecular 
biology. Priority will be given to candidates who have documented 
experience in using Drosophila genetic tools.

Oregon State University is situated in Corvallis between Portland and 
Eugene. Pacific Ocean beaches, rivers, forests, high desert, and the 
rugged Cascade and Coast Ranges are all within a 100-mile drive of 
Corvallis. The university has commitment to diversity and multiculturalism.

Interested candidates should send CV and the names and contact 
information of three references to:
giebultj at science.oregonstate.edu

Jaga Giebultowicz
Department of Zoology
3029 Cordley Hall
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331-7304
Fax: 541 737 0501
Phone: 541 737 5530

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