[Drosophila] Ecdysone Rescue

Marissa msmith82 at mix.wvu.edu
Fri Jun 30 13:24:47 EST 2006

I have a larval lethal that dies while molting from L2 to L3.  I am
planning on doing a 20-hydroxyecdysone feeding experiment and am
searching for a good positive control for the actual 20-HE feeding.  I
am looking for a mutant that can be rescued with 20-HE with the rescue
phenotype being fairly easy to distinguish.  With a mutant such as this
alongside my experimental group, even if I get a negative result, I
will be able to conclude that this lack of rescue is not due to using
an inappropriate concentration of 20-HE, etc.  Does anybody have any
suggestions or strains that are available? I appreciate any help.

Dept. of Biology-West Virginia University

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