[Drosophila] NCBI blast search

tlukacs at uci.edu tlukacs at uci.edu
Thu Sep 14 11:03:03 EST 2006

Hi Everyone,

I really am the only guy around here who bothered with the recent move of
NCBI removing the AExxxxx pieces of fly genome sequences from the target
lists of their blast searches???
Those AEs were replaced with the entire chromosome arms which are simply
too big to handle. I couldn't find a single computer around here which
didn't choke by trying to download those enormous files.
The BACs are still there but those are not annotated with genes, CDSs and
so on. I used to work with MacVector which could nicely edit the AE
sequences but would die of course from the new big files (supposed I could
download them).
I tried to complaint to NCBI but they answered that those files were
redundant and led to confusion...
If any of you are equally hampered in doing your work then may I ask you
guys to support my request to NCBI to make those AEs available again?
Maybe if they see that this is not my problem only then they would
consider restoring the previous version.
Thank you,
Tamas Lukacsovich

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