[Drosophila] flyatlas.org: new tissues added (testis & ovary)

Julian Dow j.a.t.dow at bio.gla.ac.uk
Fri Sep 22 07:41:07 EST 2006

   is an Affymetrix microarray-based atlas of gene expression in adult.
   We are pleased to announce that the dataset has been expanded with
   data for testis and ovary. This means that you can now easily look up
   any gene of interest to you, and find out where it is most abundant in
   the fly, and how specifically it is enriched, in any of:
    head, brain, midgut, Malpighian tubules, hindgut, ovary, testis or
   whole fly.
   We plan to add further tissues shortly.
   How good are the new data?
   The two simple tests are to look for consistency (low SEMs), and to
   look for specificity (are the results for different tissues
   substantially different?).
   You can check this for yourself, but good examples to search on are:
   for testis, exuperantia or Mst84Db
   for ovary, ovarian tumor or Vm26Aa .
   For scriptwriters, programmed calls to the database are possible, e.g.
   You can search with FBgn, CG number, Affy oligo, gene symbol or free
   We are presently preparing a MS for submission, and would welcome
   feedback or suggestions from users: please email me directly. Until
   this MS is published, please cite our previous paper (Wang et al.
   (2004). Function-informed transcriptome analysis of Drosophila renal
   tubule. - [3]http://genomebiology.com/2004/5/9/R69) which illustrates
   this principle for the Malpighian tubules.
   These data were prepared and placed in the public domain as a service
   to the Drosophila community, by the UKs Biotechnology and Biological
   Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) through their Investigating Gene
   Function (IGF) initiative. Over the last 4 years, our facility has
   provided 1000 free Affymetrix arrays to the UK fly community. Further
   details at: [4]http://www.mblab.gla.ac.uk/igf/
    Julian Dow (j.a.t.dow at bio.gla.ac.uk)
                      Prof. Julian A.T. Dow
                IBLS Division of Molecular Genetics,
             University of Glasgow, Glasgow G11 6NU, UK
   Phone: +44 141 330 4616                      FAX: +44 141 330 4878
   email: j.a.t.dow at bio.gla.ac.uk                 WWW: fly.to/tubules


   1. http://flyatlas.org/
   2. http://flyatlas.org/atlas.cgi?name=CG1147
   3. http://genomebiology.com/2004/5/9/R69
   4. http://www.mblab.gla.ac.uk/igf/

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