[Drosophila] Help requested: Zaprionus indianus invasion

Kim van der Linde kim at kimvdlinde.com
Fri Sep 22 18:21:05 EST 2006

Dear List,

I would like to solicit some help with documenting the ongoing invasion 
of a Drosophilid fly, Zaprionus indianus. The species was found last 
July in Central Florida, and had reached by the end of last year the 
panhandle (Tallahassee). See http://www.fcla.edu/FlaEnt/fe89p402.pdf 
This year, we have documented the ongoing invasion, and by the end of 
August, we have documented it from Mississippi (the farthest place we 

As summer is now almost over, we would like to get a snapshot of a much 
wider area, and for that reason would like to solicit the help of 
Drosophila researchers in the gulf-coast states towards Texas and north 
of these states. It is very well possible that this species has jumped 
large stretches (fruit transport), and that the expansion 
Tallahassee-Mississippi is just a severe underestimate of the new 
territory that this species has conquered. The current confirmed 
distribution can be found here: 

The species is very easy to catch and to identify as it has two nice 
white lines across the head and thorax, which is absent in all US 
species. See 
http://www.kimvdlinde.com/professional/Zaprionus_indianus.html for an 
image made by Gary Steck. The species is relative large, and I can see 
the white stripes with my bare eyes under good light conditions (really 
handy). Catching is easy with some rotting fruit, or mused banana with 
some yeast (or beer) over it. We often collect them at the fruit dump of 
fruit stands.

The species is a pest on figs, at least in Brazil and as such, there is 
some concern as it spreads towards California.

I would appreciate any help on getting a decent snapshot of the current 
distribution. In that context, negatives are as important as positives!!!!


Kim van der Linde
Florida State University


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