[Drosophila] Fly, a new journal for Drosophila research

Kevin Cook kcook at bio.indiana.edu
Sat Sep 30 10:55:18 EST 2006

Dear Colleagues--

In January of 2007, Landes Bioscience plans to launch Fly, the first 
international peer-reviewed journal to focus exclusively on 
Drosophila research.  Fly will publish broadly three general types of 
papers: original research, methods and technical advances and reviews 
and meeting reports.

Fly will be different from other journals in two important ways.

First, Fly will have regular features of specific interest to the 
Drosophila community. For example: What's new on Flybase? How do I 
get my hands on all of those new stocks for doing that new cool 
technique? Who are the new researchers in the Drosophila field and 
what are they doing? What really great Drosophila papers were 
published recently? What's happening in those fields of Drosophila 
research outside my own? Is it possible to get a grant to do 
Drosophila research these days?

Second, Fly will be highly interactive. There will be a lively 
Letters to the Editor section, where issues of interest to the 
Drosophila community can be discussed, and where researchers can ask 
questions (and get answers!) about new resources and about how to 
obtain materials, comment on recent papers, make suggestions for new 
features in Fly, etc.

Topics in Drosophila research will include: cell biology, 
development, gene regulation, chromosome dynamics, behavior, 
evolution, population biology, neurobiology, molecular biology and 
biochemistry, genomics and anything else might come along.

For information, see http://www.landesbioscience.com/journals/fly.

The editorial board encourages you to submit a paper for the first 
issue.  We will publish full-length or short research articles, 
technical papers, and long or short reviews.  If you have an idea for 
a review, please contact the Editor. We also welcome commentary for 
our FLY ON THE WALL column. If you've got something to say, please 
contact the Editor.

So, do you have some great research that you want out fast? Do you 
have something to say?  Here's your chance to publish it in the very 
first issue of Fly.


Janice Fischer
University of Texas at Austin
email: fly-fischer at landesbioscience.com

Editorial Board

Andrea Brand
Steven G. Britt
William Chia
Kevin R. Cook
Madeline Crosby
Christos Delidakis
Mark Fortini
Matthew Freeman
Iswar K. Hariharan
Carl Hashimoto
Jin Jiang
Daniel Kalderon
Eric Lai
Paul Lasko
Xinhua Lin
Paul Macdonald
Kevin Moses
Nipam H. Patel
Robert Saint
Francois Schweisguth
John C. Sisson
David Stein
Scott Waddell
Mariana Wolfner

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