[Drosophila] Protein Extract from Larvae

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Tue Mar 18 12:04:10 EST 2008

Ivy, Have you tried freeze-drying?  I've done Westerns, 2D gels and RNA 
preps from freeze tried tissues with good results.  Here's the 

Fujita S.C., Inoue H., Yoshioka T., Hotta Y., 1987.  Quantitative 
tissue isolation from Drosophila freeze-dried in acetone.  Biochem. J. 
243, 97-104.

Good luck,


On Feb 25, 2008, at 12:11 AM, Ivy McDaniel wrote:

> Hello Drosophila Community,
> I'm looking for a good protocol, or even just general tips for making 
> protein extracts from third-instar larvae and adult flies. I'm dealing 
> with a very large protein, and I'm having a lot of trouble avoiding 
> degradation. Grinding adults/larvae/salivary glands directly in 
> boiling SDS loading buffer hasn't worked, nor has one protocol where I 
> included protease inhibitors at every step. Any advice at all would be 
> greatly appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Ivy
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