[Drosophila] Protocols and methods to homogenize flies

Andre Faustino via dros%40net.bio.net (by andre_faustino from hotmail.com)
Thu May 29 07:24:58 EST 2008

Dear all,


I am trying to quantify proteins, sugars and lipids in flies but having tro=
uble with the homogenization step.

So far I am homogenizing flies with a motor pestle in PBS. Then I perform a=
 series of spins to remove tissue.

I use the supernatant to conduct the tests, but I am having troubles in get=
ting sufficient amount of material, especially to conduct the tests to eval=
uate lipid content of my samples. This leads to problems in sample comparis=
on since different levels of homogenization lead to different results obtai=

Can someone please provide me with protocols and tips for homogenization of=
 whole flies?




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