[Drosophila] Human Obesity Genes Revealed Based On Fly Experiments

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Sun Nov 30 03:48:19 EST 2008

A study of 228 women has revealed genetic variants responsible for
body shape. Based on work in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster,
research published in the open access journal BMC Genetics identifies
natural variation in the human LAMA5 gene as a key determinant of
As the prevalence of obesity and related health problems continues to
increase worldwide, there is considerable effort being devoted to
identify genetic mechanisms that control fat storage. Maria De Luca
led a team from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA, who
identified candidate genes using different strains of Drosophila.

On the basis of the results of these fly experiments, the research
team then tested three common variations in the human LAMA5 gene and
discovered two gene variants that were associated with body shape, one
in women of European American descent and the other affecting women of
American African descent.

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