[Drosophila] Meeting: Drosophila Taxonomy, Evolution and Genetics

Patrick O'Grady via dros%40net.bio.net (by ogrady from nature.berkeley.edu)
Tue Sep 23 15:25:24 EST 2008

The Drosophila Species Stock Center in San Diego will host a special
symposium on Drosophila Taxonomy, Evolution and Genetics.  This
symposium will be held on Sunday 23 November 2008 and will address
proposed taxonomic changes in the genus Drosophila and their
implications to the fields of genetics, evolution, development and
neurobiology.  Participants include Michael Ashburner, Gerhard
Baechli, Rob DeSalle, Kenneth Kaneshiro, Thom Kaufmann, William
McGinnis, and Masanori Toda.

Registration for this event is $150 and includes a Saturday night
banquet at the Birch Aquarium, buffet lunch on Sunday and a
contributed poster session.  Details can be found at: https://

Please contact Dr. Therese Markow (tmarkow from ucsd.edu) or Dr. Patrick
O'Grady (ogrady from nature.berkeley.edu) for additional information.


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