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Tue Apr 21 14:05:49 EST 2009

Dear Drosophilist,

At the recent fly meeting in Chicago, we reported on two BAC libraries (a 20 kb and an 80 kb library) cloned in the P[acman] recombineering and transgenesis vector system. This new resource makes recombineering and transgenesis easier, and we believe that it will be a useful addition to the Drosophila toolkit. A manuscript describing the libraries and applications is now in press at Nature Methods and should appear online in May:
"Versatile P(acman) BAC Libraries for Transgenesis Studies in Drosophila melanogaster" by Koen J. T. Venken, Joseph W. Carlson, Karen L. Schulze, Hongling Pan, Yuchun He, Rebecca Spokony, Kenneth H. Wan, Maxim Koriabine, Pieter J. de Jong, Kevin P. White, Hugo J. Bellen* and Roger A. Hoskins.

To learn more about the project, go to our home page at http://www.pacmanfly.org. In addition to information on P[acman] reagents and protocols, you will find a link to a genome browser for identifying P[acman] clones containing genes and genomic regions of interest. Provide the CG number or gene symbol for your gene  (wildcard * allowed),  and you will find genomic clones from the two libraries that encompass the gene. Additional search options are described on the browser page. If clone coverage is limited in your region of interest, then toggle on the partially mapped clones, which are anchored to the genome by alignment of one end sequence only, for more choices. Clicking on a clone in the browser will take you to a page with the deduced sequence of the genomic insert and a link to the BACPAC Resources website, where clones can be purchased on a cost-recovery basis. 

*Questions about this resource should be directed to Hugo Bellen <hbellen from bcm.tmc.edu>.


Roger Hoskins

Koen Venken

Hugo Bellen

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