[Drosophila] Postdoctoral Research position available

Cartwright, Iain (cartwril) via dros%40net.bio.net (by CARTWRIL from ucmail.uc.edu)
Wed May 20 14:48:20 EST 2009

A recent doctoral graduate is sought to perform research on the genetics of arsenic toxicity, with specific reference to the likely mechanisms of action of arsenic (and particularly its methylated metabolites) as a carcinogen.  Arsenic is a serious contaminant of drinking water supplies in many parts of the world and tens of millions are exposed to it on a chronic basis.  This recently funded project utilizes the model Drosophila genetic system, and will involve analyses of metabolic consequences, cytological alterations, genomic instability and signaling perturbations produced by arsenic in the context of differing genetic backgrounds induced classically, by transgenesis and/or by RNA interference.  A Ph.D. is required, together with experience of modern molecular genetic techniques.  A background in genetics (preferably Drosophila) and/or toxicology would be highly desirable.  The research will be conducted in the laboratory of Iain Cartwright in the Department of Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry & Microbiology at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.  Interested applicants should contact Dr. Cartwright by email at iain.cartwright from uc.edu<mailto:iain.cartwright from uc.edu> to discuss the opportunity in more detail.

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