[Drosophila] New look FlyMine released!

Richard Smith via dros%40net.bio.net (by richard from flymine.org)
Tue Dec 14 11:27:06 EST 2010

We're pleased to announce the new look version 26.0 of FlyMine:


We have added a host of new features, improvements and fixes to
make using FlyMine easier and more productive:

Search - a simple, powerful keyword search across the entire database.
New home page - to get you to the data you need more easily.
Performance - queries and export of large data sets are now faster.
Template queries - new optional constraints and options to make pre-
     defined queries more flexible.
Web services - you can query FlyMine directly from your Perl or Java
     programs, now with automatically generated code for all queries.

See full release notes: http://blog.flymine.org/2010/12/06/flymine-26-0

Let us know what you think at support from flymine.org

The FlyMine Team

- About FlyMine -
FlyMine is an integrated database of genomic, expression and protein 
data from Drosophila, Anopheles and C. elegans.  As an integrated 
resource it is possible to run data mining queries that span domains of 
biological knowledge. You can run useful pre-defined queries, create 
custom queries, export large results sets and analyse lists of data.

FlyMine is a freely available resource funded by the NHGRI.

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