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I agree. I have used a da-Gal4 insertion on the 3rd that is a bit sickish but homozygous viable. It is not as strong as the Bloomington act-Gal4 or tub-Gal4 but stronger than arm-Gal4 and quite efficient in knocking down a gene of interest to cause up to 90-95% lethality...
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have you tried using Daughterless driver line Da Gal4

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> I am currently using an Act5C-Gal4 driver for my RNAi screens. This one
> is balanced with CyO/GFP. I, however, need to analyse the flies in
> rather large batches for glycolipid composition and would like to avoid
> the sorting of larvea after the crossing. Is there any good ubiquitous
> Gal4 driver line that I can keep as homozygotes so all my flies will
> have the RNAi phenotype atter the crossing. The ones in the bloomington
> stocks all seems to require a balancer.
> Thanks for any help, Hans
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