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Thu Sep 30 23:59:18 EST 2010

Dear ALL,
This is to inform you
that Drosophila stock center at Model Biosystems 
(India) offers fly
stock maintenance services at reasonable price. Model 
(MBS) is mainly a Drosophila-based company with branches in 
California and Bangalore. Our company is specialized in providing stock

maintenance and other fly related services. The stock maintenance
is intended to benefit all the Drosophila researchers across
the globe for 
a very reasonable price. It houses a state of the art
Stock center’ and a highly trained staff
takes care of all fly 
stocks. The company employs special measures
to safe guard the identity of 
researchers and their fly stocks or
the safety of the stocks against loss 
or contamination. The stocks
are shipped back to the researcher whenever 
needed and even to the
third parties upon request. 
We are happy to inform that several labs from the and have already 
benefited from our facility. 


We believe that our facility can help researcher to save on their

resources such as funds, time, space and labour. In addition to fly
maintenance, we also provide services such as Drug screening
and drug 
discovery programmes, mutagenesis based genetic screens,
mutagenecity and 
genotoxicity studies, etc. More information on our
organization and fly 
related services could be obtained from our web
further details, please feel free to contact by e-mail or
telephone as 
provided on web site. 

Thanking you. 

Dr. K. Venkatesh, 
Model Biosystems ( India) 
UAS Alumni 
Association Bldg. 
Bellary Road
, Hebbal

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