[Drosophila] Microarrays, modelling and other distance courses

Heather Vincent via dros%40net.bio.net (by Heather.Vincent from manchester.ac.uk)
Thu Jan 13 07:59:50 EST 2011

Members of this group might be interested in one or more of the online 
courses offered by the University of Manchester, UK.  The courses can be 
taken as individual units, or for credits towards a Masters degree.

The modules running next semester, from March 2011, include :

Mathematics for metabolic modelling
Introduction to microarray data analysis

'Mathematics for metabolic modelling' is a practical course, designed to 
help biologists to understand mathematical approaches to modelling 
biological systems. It is intended to prepare people for our advanced 
course in computational systems biology, which will run again in October 
2011.  Students are introduced to R, which is then used for the 
practical exercises.

In 'Introduction to microarray data analysis' course participants learn 
to use Bioconductor for the practical work 
This course includes an optional section on RNA-seq.

For further information, please visit our programme website :

If you have any questions, or would like advice on the options, please 
contact the office for Advanced Professional Education (ape from cs.man.ac.uk).

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