[Drosophila] Drosophila Testes and Accessory gland cells

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Fri Mar 11 15:19:36 EST 2011

Dear Fly colleagues,

I am looking for somebody to tell me what are these cells that my GFP tagged
proteins localised
in *Drosophila melanogaster* testes, male accessory glands and hindgut?

For convenience I posted the images on my research blog (below link) -
hoping somebody comes
with a golden handshake and tells me what these cells are.


Any help will be highly appreciated and acknowleged in the publication if
one comes.
Please post your answers in my blog reply area of each image.

Thank you very much for the generous clever and humble fly people.
I think this is the first attempt of its kind to seek somebody's help in
this way - paving the way - WOW!

Yours Sincerely
Creative Flying

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