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I=92ve been using triethylamine (aka FlyNap, according to the Carolina Biol=
ogical Supply catalog) in my undergraduate third year fly lab (there were i=
ssues with us using ether in the lab and CO2 wasn=92t available).

The main problem with triethylamine is that if the flies get wet (you have =
to stick a damp applicator into the vial around the plug), then they don=92=
t wake up and they don=92t reproduce (this is what happened the first year =
I ran the course and I had to rapidly come up with alternative labs for the=
 students when I realized they wouldn=92t be looking at recombinant progeny=
 from their crosses!).  This means that the applicator has to be thoroughly=
 drained so it doesn=92t drip on the flies (I have the TAs emphasize this e=
very year).  Also, we anesthetize the flies in empty vials (no food) so the=
y don=92t get stuck in the food.  It takes a while to knock them out and th=
ey do tend to keep twitching a bit even after they are anesthetized.  They =
start to wake up about 50 minutes after being knocked out, so sometimes the=
 students have to knock them out again if they are not done sorting or anal=
yzing the flies.

Overall, except for that first year, I have found that it works fine.  Howe=
ver, I personally hate the smell and am glad I am only in the lab room once=
 a week.  I=92m curious about whether Michael thinks there=92s any reason n=
ot to use triethylamine other than the smell.

Best wishes,
Julie Brill

On 11-05-13 7:51 AM, "Michael Ashburner" <ma11 from gen.cam.ac.uk> wrote:

No, use diethyl ether MA

On 12 May 2011, at 22:57, Maria Paula Zappia wrote:

> To whom it may concern
> I am willing to set up a Drosophila Laboratory for my students in
> order to
> teach genetics. We do not have CO2 to use as anesthesic for the
> fruitflies,
> but I found that Fuyama (1977) proposed the use of triethylamine as an
> anesthetic with prolonged effects. As we do have triethylamine in
> the lab I
> would like to know which dose of triethylamine is commonly used and
> how to
> use it.
> I look forward to hearing from you
> Best regards
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