[Drosophila] other fluorescent colors of mel?

Susan Gershman via dros%40net.bio.net (by sgershm from gmail.com)
Tue May 17 14:38:22 EST 2011

I am looking for mel stock in which a fluorescence protein is under
the control of a ubiquitous promoter, not on a balancer, and is not a
fusion protein (and ideally, without major fitness consequences). We
need to be able to distinguish live adult marked flies from unmarked
We have dsred stock, and are looking for an additional color.
We have been unsuccessfully attempting to use GFP stock. Because the
marked animals glow in a wavelength similar to mel autofluorescence,
we are having trouble distinguishing GFP flies from unmarked stock.
Does anyone know of mel that fluoresce in any other colors?
Thanks so much,
Susan Gershman

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