[Drosophila] Hot Weather

Mark Thorson via dros%40net.bio.net (by nospam from sonic.net)
Tue Aug 7 13:10:04 EST 2012

I'm still trying to solve my problems with cultures
that do poorly.  I suspect my problem with sporadic
poor cultures is due to excessive carbon dioxide
accumulation, and I'm trying to solve that problem
by cutting back on the medium.  They never eat it
all, so I've cut the amount in half.  I'll know
in a couple of weeks whether that works.

I think the problem with entire batches of poor
performers has a separate cause.  I just had three
consecutive daily batches that turned out poorly.
I suspect the hot weather may have caused this.
We had a hot spell a couple weeks ago, and this
may have caused the bad batches.  I don't have
air conditioning.  I think there may be a critical
period when a new culture is extra sensitive to heat.
Does that sound like a reasonable theory?  When would
a culture be most sensitive to heat?  We haven't
had any days above 100 around here, but it does go
above 90 on a hot day.  Another hot spell is
predicted to begin in a day or two.

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