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If you are pouring a cooked medium, the problem may come in the cooling phase when they are giving off vapor. We had a problem which sounds like yours when we set up the kitchen in the medical faculty here in Strasbourg (30 years ago). No air conditioning and some very hot days in summer 90° - 95°. The medium somehow set 'harder' and the early instars had problems penetrating. I remember we introduced a phase in which tubes were covered in fine gauze for a while prior to putting in the sponge bungs, but I really don't remember whether that was specifically for that problem (although it did allow us to open the windows and get some cooling in the small kitchen). When we moved to the new institute - air conditioning etc. there was no problem. It may be that making up the medium in a cooler part of the day would help.

Perhaps nothing to do with your problem but worth considering.

Good luck,

Geoff Richards

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I'm still trying to solve my problems with cultures that do poorly.  I suspect my problem with sporadic poor cultures is due to excessive carbon dioxide accumulation, and I'm trying to solve that problem by cutting back on the medium.  They never eat it all, so I've cut the amount in half.  I'll know in a couple of weeks whether that works.

I think the problem with entire batches of poor performers has a separate cause.  I just had three consecutive daily batches that turned out poorly.
I suspect the hot weather may have caused this.
We had a hot spell a couple weeks ago, and this may have caused the bad batches.  I don't have air conditioning.  I think there may be a critical period when a new culture is extra sensitive to heat.
Does that sound like a reasonable theory?  When would a culture be most sensitive to heat?  We haven't had any days above 100 around here, but it does go above 90 on a hot day.  Another hot spell is predicted to begin in a day or two.

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