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I use corn meal medium in the lab so I can not suggest changing anything in
the food problem but regarding the Hot weather issue-
We face hot weather at least 4 months of the year here in India. The
temperature in summer can be around 40- 45 oC for many days.

After pouring the fly food it is kept for settling (without cotton plugs
but with a cloth to prevent flies to enter) for a day.
Next day the vials/bottles are plugged and can be used for next 2-3 days
without any hardening/drying of the food. For longer storage we store them
in a cold room/refrigerator at 4 degrees. I hope this helps.

Pavan Agrawal
IISER, Pune,

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> Geoffrey RICHARDS wrote:
> >
> > If you are pouring a cooked medium, the problem may come in the cooling
> phase when they are giving off vapor.
> > It may be that making up the medium in a cooler part of the day would
> help.
> >
> > Perhaps nothing to do with your problem but worth considering.
> Thanks for the advice, but I'm not cooking my medium.
> It's bananas, yeast, cream of tartar, and water.
> I haven't had any mold problems, though some minor
> problems with bacteria.
> I've thought about aging the medium after mixing.
> Right now, I mix the medium, fill the culture
> vessels, and add flies.  The medium foams up
> starting while I mix and continuing for several
> hours.  I lose a few adults in the foam, and I
> have considered aging the medium for 24 hours
> to get past the foamy stage, but I'm not losing
> very many adults at that point.
> I'm losing a lot more adults about 4 to 5 days
> later.  I'm not sure why.  I think it's due to
> excess carbon dioxide accumulation, but I've also
> considered the possibility they're dying of
> thirst or hunger -- though there's lots of moist
> yeast available at that point, so I don't see
> how that would be a problem.  I always sniff
> my cultures, and I've noticed some cultures have
> a sort of "bite" in the aroma at that point
> which I think is carbon dioxide.
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