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    Dear Colleague,  The Biochemistry and Biotechnology Research (BBR) is 
currently accepting manuscripts for publication. BBR publishes high-quality 
articles, in English, in all areas of Biochemistry and Biotechnology. All 
articles published in BBR will be peer-reviewed.   Our objective is to 
inform authors of the decision on their manuscript within six weeks of 
submission. Following acceptance, a paper will be published in the next 
available issue.    The Biochemistry and Biotechnology Research is fully 
committed to providing free access to all articles as soon as they are 
published. We ask you to support this initiative by publishing your papers 
in this journal.   Instruction for author and other details are available 
on our website www.netjournals.org. Potential authors should send their 
manuscript(s) to bbr from netjournals.org.   Call for Editors   Biochemistry and 
Biotechnology Research (BBR) is also currently seeking suitable scholars 
interested in serving as editors, associate editors and reviewers.   We are 
looking for individuals with diverse areas of expertise in biochemistry and 
                                                 Applicants must have a 
doctorate (or an equivalent degree) and significant publishing and 
reviewing experience. Accepted applicants will be contacted via email.     
Kindly send your resume to: bbr from netjournals.org   Best regards,   Arubayi 
Kareen Editorial Assistant, Biochemistry and Biotechnology Research E-mail: 
bbr from netjournals.org    www.netjournals.org         

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