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The rover and sitter polymorphism is a larval behavior that is naturally
polymorphic in D. melanogaster populations.  Larval crowding increases the
frequency of the rover phenotype. Marla Sokolowski has done most to the
research on this behavioral trait and her publications should be read to
understand this trait. Larval and adult crowding also has many non-trivial
effects on the evolution of a host of life-history traits in Drosophila too
numerous to summarize here. However, if you consult my web site below you
will find ~20 years' worth of research on this topic including some review
Larry Mueller

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dr julien colomb wrote:
> There is also different studies showing that other phenotypes depend 
> on density. You also put a selective pressure on your flies, for 
> instance it is known that the proportion of rover over sitter flies 
> change with density...

I've never heard of rover or sitter flies.
I have noticed when I tap the culture vessel on the table to knock the flies
to the bottom, they immediately crawl rapidly up the sides.
In other cultures, they crawl up the sides much more slowly.  Is that the
difference between rovers and sitters?  I had been thinking it might be due
to health or age.
I had not noticed any consistent factor to explain this difference in
behavior among cultures.

If the productivity of the cultures is the same, I would prefer they crawl
more slowly.
That would make them easier to handle.
Even with the vestigial wing mutants I use, I have to work quickly to make
up new cultures without spilling too many flies from the producing cultures.

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