Gordon Rogers at
Thu Oct 12 09:47:58 EST 1995

My name is Gordon Rogers
University of Western Sydney

I have just joined the group. I work with a group of approximately 10
researchers led by Dr Jann Conroy and Prof Snow Barlow at the University of
Western Sydney, Australia (Hello Oula)

My research interests are focussed on the interactions between elevated CO2
and nutrient supply on crop plants (wheat and cotton). I have been trying to

        - why the N concentration leaf and other plant parts are reducde at
high           CO2.
        - the influence of N supply on source-sink interactions and how
these           affect the growth response of crop plants to elevated CO2.
        - the influence of elevated CO2 on wheat grain quality.
        - combined effects of elevated CO2 and N supply on the expression and 
          transcript levels of photosynthetic/photorespiratory proteins such as 
          Rubisco and Catalase.
        - the influence of P nutrition on growth and other responses to elevated

I would be pleased to participate in any discussions other members may have
on these or related topics

Kind Regards
Gordon Rogers

Gordon Rogers
University Western Sydney, Hawkesbury
Rydalmere NSW 2116  Australia
Fax 61 2 6304475
Phone 61 2 843 5612
Email at

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