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Oula Ghannoum O.Ghannoum at
Thu Oct 12 09:31:01 EST 1995

 My name is Oula  Ghannoum and I'm doing a PhD with Jann Conroy, Snow 
(EWR) Barlow and Susanne von Caemmerer at UWSH. I'm investigating the 
effect of CO2 enrichment on Panicum species with different photosynthetic 
pathways. The species I'm using are P. antidotale, P. coloratum, P.maximum 
(all are C4), P. decipiens (C3-C4) and P. laxum (C3). The growth work we've 
done so far indicated that all these species responded to CO2 enrichment,
including the three C4 species.
This work with additional (growth, morphology and gas exchange)
wil be the subject of a paper we' preparing to send to Aust J Plant Phys.
We found the growth response of the C4 species to high CO2 very 
interesting and wish to investigate it further.One of the levels we're 
>thinking about is to measure phloem loading and downloading. I 
wonder if anyone has any knowledge about this area. 
I'd appreciate any advice or comments anyone has about this question 
or my research area in general. Messages can be addressed to the 
e-mail address shown below . I also would appreciate any related 
literature that anyone would like to send me (address below).
I thank everyone for their cooperation and look forward to hear from anyone.
Regards. Oula
Oula Ghannoum                          
School of Horticulture                    
University of Western Sydney,Hawkesbury   
Locked Bag 1, Richmond 2753, NSW, Australia.
Tel:  +61 45 701229
Fax:  +61 45 701314
Emai: o.ghannoum at

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