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Fri Oct 13 08:01:24 EST 1995

The Ecosystem Dynamics Group (Research School of Biological Sciences, 
Australian National University) seeks to better understand the way 
our ecosystems respond to environmental variation in time and space. 
We bring together research into fundamental theory of community 
dynamics, exploration of physiological and ecological mechanisms, and 
prediction of community responses to different environmental 
scenarios. We have two positions for candidates with a PhD and 
appropriate experience in the following areas:

1) Ecophysiological bases of plant responses to climate change. We 
seek applicants with appropriate field experience in ecophysiology 
and an interest in contributing to a larger research study on 
understanding forest regeneration under natural and altered 
microclimates. The successful applicant will be expected to develop a 
research program involving the use of an established system of 
open-topped chambers for study of plant responses to elevated 
atmospheric concentrations of CO2 under field conditions. Topics of 
interest concerning effects of elevated CO2 include interactions 
between grass and tree seedlings, photoinhibition in relation to 
growth and competition, and carbon balance of seedlings in relation 
to environmental stresses. Contact: Dr Marilyn Ball, phone +61 06 249 
5057, FAX +61 6 249 5095, email: mball at

2. Global change. Our interests include models that link 
ecophysiology to plant-plant interactions in small patches, 
functional classifications of plant communities, the dynamics of 
plant resources and landscape or regional models of vegetation 
dynamics. Researches with an interest in either model development or 
experimental studies that might directly support these efforts are 
encouraged to apply. Contact: Dr Ian Noble, phone +61 06 249 4020, 
FAX +61 6 249 5095, email: noble at

Two positions are available. Appointment is initially for two/three 
years (Level A, Postdoctoral Fellow / Level B, Research Fellow).

Further particulars, which include the selection criteria, are 
available from the School Secretary, RSBS. phone +61 06 249 4138.

Closing date: 10 November 1995 

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