VO2/VCO2 of a horse and cattle

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Tue Dec 10 09:59:53 EST 1996

VO2/VCO2 of Large (and small) Animals

We developed very accurate and well proven "indirect calorimeter" which
measures oxygen consumption and CO2 production of large animals such as
horse and cattle.  System can be scaled down to measure small animals such
as mice rats and even insects. For measuring VO2 max. of exercising horse
we use adjustable air supply ( 0 to 15,000 L/min) with precision mass flow
meter. Horse is wearing loosely fitted mask  with openings for  fresh room
air. Horse respiratory gas is mixed with supplied  fresh air and change in
% of O2 and CO2 in the mixture is precisely measured with 0.001%
resolution by gas analyzers.  Instead of a face mask animal can be placed
in the chamber. Use of the mask increases response of the system  while
use of the chamber make measurement less bothersome to animal and
researcher. When using metabolic system with cattle  it can be
complemented by device which can monitor rumination along with oxygen
consumption and CO2 production.
If you are interested in this  system you may look into our www page
under:< www.colinst.com> in the environmental section.  I can send you
also full description and application notes if you drop me a note with
your street address and your specific application.
Jan Czekajewski, Ph.D.
Columbus, Ohio, USA

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