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U of Costa Rica's Graduate & Upper Division Undergraduate Tropical
Ecology, Biodiversity & Conservation, Natural History and Spanish Course
of Study for English Speaking Students

	The University of Costa Rica is currently sponsoring a semester
long program in environmental science for English speaking, upper
division undergraduate and graduate students.

	Through this educational program we bring students into the
Costa Rican rain forest, where the broad spectrum of biodiversity is
easily accessible,  where the social and political climate is safe,
where the foundation of knowledge is far greater than any other tropical
environment and where the level of professional instruction provided at
the University of Costa Rica is superior.  This program is provided in
English so as to lift a language barrier that has kept most  of the
world=92s biology students from studying in this tropical region.  It is
provided to upper division undergraduate and graduate students .  It is
provided by the University of Costa Rica to keep costs down while
maintaining academic excellence.  Additionally,  as a group studying
principals and practices of field research, they will be able to
participate in long term research and data collection studies which will
continue with each subsequent group.  This will allow the individual
student to contribute to ever-growing quantities of data that will
result in the foundation of significant studies and insights of our
vital tropical resources.
	For more information please contact World Class Adventures in
Education, 1300 Post Oak Blvd. Suite 1750, Houston, Texas 77056.  Our
office number is 713-961-3836.  Our e-mail address is
worldc at  Our home page is

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