acoustic emission monitors and stem psychrometers for field use

Hafiz Maherali h-maher at
Fri Sep 20 15:00:59 EST 1996

This post is for those of you out there who have experience or knowledge
about using AE technology for detecting in situ cavitation events in
mature trees.

I'm seeking advice on the various AE detectors available on the commercial
market.  Can anyone recommend a particular instrument in terms of field
portability, accuracy, ease of downloading data, price and overall quality
and robustness?  I would like to purchase an instrument that could sample
up to 4 trees simultaneously, and use a CSI datalogger (I don't know if
the appropriate interfaces actually exist) to control and sample the

Also, our lab has some stem psychrometers that were purchased from a
company called Plant Water Status Instruments that was based in Guelph,
Canada.  I have tried contacting this company for service and product
info, but can't seem to locate them.
Does anyone know if they are still in existence?  And can anyone recommend
a company that manufactures stem psychrometers?

Please reply to my email account.

If I get enough replies about the AE sensors, I'll post a summary for the

Thanks for any help,
-Hafiz Maherali

Hafiz Maherali
Department of Plant Biology
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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