Plastoquinones on HPLC

Mon Nov 24 09:43:05 EST 1997

I have tried to quantify plastoquinone from a green macrophyte,
Enteromorpha. I have used a C18 ODS Hypersil 3um reverse phase HPLC
column and a linear gradient of methanol:water 9:1 over 20 minutes to
methanol:isopropanol 4:1. The wavelength detector was set to 210nm and
the flow rate was 1.5 ml/min. Unfortunately my standard appears to be
coming of in about 3 mins and at about 13 mins there is another slight
blip on the baseline. I am having problems deciding if the first or
second peak is my standard of decyl-plastoquinone.  I am aware of the
fact that there also may be some plastoquinol but I am not sure if I
am picking it up.
If anybody has any suggestions on the best way to approach this I
would be most grateful. 

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