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Kevin Griffin griff at
Tue Jan 19 13:40:43 EST 1999

<fontfamily><param>Times</param><bigger><bigger>Attached please find an
announcement of a current opening for a<italic> </italic>Postdoctoral
Research Scientist position in the area of Plant Physiological Ecology
or Biogeochemistry which will become available in March 1999 at the
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory<bold>.</bold>  

We are now seeking candidates of exceptional potential for research in
this specialty, and we would greatly appreciate it if you would post,
distribute or otherwise make the enclosed information known to your
colleagues. We would also appreciate your referral of this position to
any potential candidates who may, in your opinion, be interested in
applying, and we would welcome the names of those individuals who you
would recommend.  We are particularly eager to reach women and
minorities who have or will graduate from your program. 

Columbia University is a world-renown center of research and education
and Lamont-Doherty is a research division of the University located in
Palisades, New York.  Lamont-Doherty is dedicated to understanding how
planet Earth works and the scientific inquiry which takes place ranges
from the origin and history of the planet to the processes in and on
the planet.  More than 500 scientific, technical and support personnel,
including 100 scientists and 100 graduate students are involved in
research that is often interdisciplinary and includes seismology,
marine geology and geophysics, terrestrial geology, petrology,
geochemistry, climate studies, atmospheric science, oceanography,
paleontology and terrestrial plant ecology.

As indicated in the position announcement, qualified persons who wish
more information or who wish to initiate an application should send to
me by February 24, 1999 a concise statement of research interests, a
general statement of long-term career objectives, a CV and
names/addresses and email address of three references and any relevant

In advance, I thank you for your assistance in publicizing this
research position.


Kevin Griffin

Chair, Search Committee

<bold><bigger>-  PLEASE POST  -

</bigger></bold>Applications are invited for a Postdoctoral research
scientist from new or recent doctorates in the fields of Plant
Physiological Ecology or Biogeochemistry.  This posistion is available
immediately to study how environmental factors influence the basic
physiology and associated biochemistry of carbon and nitrogen
metabolism, and therefore tree growth and the basic functioning of
forest ecosystems.  This project is a comparative analysis of the
biochemical, physiological, and architectural properties of forest
trees growing in canopies of the Black Rock Forest, NY and of Native
New Zealand Forests.  

Candidates for this award must be willing to travel overseas for up to
six weeks a year. The recipient of the award will be selected on a
competitive basis, with primary emphasis placed on the research promise
of the applicant.  Review of applications for this position will begin
February 24, 1999.

To apply, send a concise statement of research interests, a general
statement of long-term career objectives, a CV and names/addresses and
email address of three references and any relevant publications to: 

Dr. Kevin Griffin

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

61 Route 9W, 6 Marine Biology

Palisades NY 10964-8000

Columbia University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action

Minorities and women are encouraged to apply.



Kevin L. Griffin

Assistant Professor

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

 of Columbia University

61 Route 9W, 6 Marine Biology

Palisades, NY 10964

(914) 365-8371 (phone)

(914) 365-8150 (fax)


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